Pictures of seminars, readings and interviews

Seminar at Perchtoldsdorf on 14. 7. 2017

The seminar leader Svetlana Shtukareva completed a training course with a group of Russian logotherapists at the residence of Mrs. Lukas.

Congress in Vienna on the 23rd September 2016
Lecture in the C1 lecture theatre of the University of Vienna during the international conference:
on the topic:
Logotherapeutic consultation, conceptual considerations and practical advice

Niederalteich Abbey 9 August, 2016

Ecumenical retreat at Niederalteich Abbey
Theme: The meaning of life (old and new concepts of meaning from philosophy, society and religion)
On 9 August Prof. Lukas gave a lecture with the title: “Meaning from the point of view of the meaning-oriented psychotherapy of Viktor E. Frankl”


Perchtoldsdorf  on the 7th of May 2016

The Slovenian psychatrist Dr. Cvijeta, one of Lukas’ students, attended a supervision with Lukas along with Slovenian and Croatian logotherapists.


GLORIA fair in Augsburg, 26th February 2016

Augsburg Fair, Mateusz Roik
Augsburg Fair, Mateusz Roik

Reading at 2371 Hinterbrühl on 23 February 2016

Reading at Wartholz Castle, Reichenau an der Rax, on 7 October 2015

Reading in the HERDER-bookshop in Vienna on 5 May 2015

Reading in Perchtoldsdorf Bookshop on 16 April 2015

Evening in Munich on 30 January 2015

Gloria fair in Augsburg, 23-25 October 2014

Gloria fair in Augsburg, 8 November 2013